gelish.jpgGelish Nails

Never leave the salon with wet nails again! 

Coat your nails in this amazing high shine nail gel polish that sets in 30 seconds.  Great colour selection that lasts up to 2 weeks.  Available in mini or full manicures / pedicures.

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maxresdefault.jpgBio Sculpture Ev02 Gel Nails

Gel natural nail overlay available in French manicure or colour.  Lasts 2-3 weeks. 

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footlgix.jpgFootlgix™ Pedicare

Footlogix™ offers fast effective foot care treatment using the latest patented professional endorsed technology for general foot problems such as dry cracked feet, dry skin, hard rough skin and cracked heels. Footlogix™ is different from other foot care creams, these fast absorbing mousse products are suitable for diabetics, runners, walkers, sports fans, beauty seekers. 

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filepolish.jpgNail File and Polish

For feet or hands.  Nails are cut, filed and finished with a coat of polish of your choice. 

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minimani.jpgMini Manicure

30mins treatment that tidies cuticles and length on the nails, finishing with nail polish.

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