makeup.jpgSemi Permanent Make Up Consultation

Women of all ages are experiencing the difference that semi permanent makeup can make to their life styles.  All procedures are perfected over two visits with a 4-6 week gap, except eyeliners, lip blush and full lip colour which may need multiple visits to achieve the perfect look.

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semipermbrows.jpgSemi Permanent Make Up Eyebrows

Brows frame our faces making us feel alive and fresh faced. Sadly we loss the definition of the structure of the brow due to aging or illness.  Adding colour back to the brow area using semi permanent technique awakes and lifts the brow once again.  During consultation we will discuss the type of brow you would like to achieve, choosing from the block brow, powdered brow or hair stroke 3D brow. 

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semipermeyeliner.jpgSemi Permanent Make Up Eyeliner

Eyelash enhancement is a soft liner applied through the top and bottom lashes.  This treatment is for a subtle makeup look.

Eyeliner is also applied through the lash line and above to create stronger definition 

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semipermeyeliner.jpgSemi Permanent Eyeliner top & bottom

This is stronger than an eyelash enhancement.  The top liner will be thicker along the lash line and a soft defined liner on the bottom with soft shading. 

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semipermlips.jpgSemi Permanent Make Up Lip Blush

Balance lip contours by introducing colour around the lip line and fading colour into the lip area, creating a fuller lip.

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semipermlips.jpgSemi Permanent Make Up Full Lip Colour

Helps to correct uneven lip contours and tones. 

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